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I have become a leading expert in the wellness field. Starting a wellness company in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, I brought wellness to global companies far and wide. I am an international yoga teacher, wellness expert, inspirational speaker, writer, and avid traveler, and have made it my mission to inspire others to empower themselves through community, adventure, and well-being. I help people find their personal tools and strengths to lead to happier and healthier lives and  makes wellness accessible and understandable to people of all ages, wellness levels, shapes, and backgrounds.    


Motivational Speaking

My life-changing speaking events have left people from all over the world inspired to be truly themselves and live their best lives. From my brother being struck by lightning in my teenage years to living through a near death car accident as an adult, I know what it is to be challenged, depressed, and not want to go on. I have found tools to not only go on, but to thrive. Through mental, physical, and spiritual practices, I inspire others to empower themselves to happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Corporate Seminars & Events

Leading seminars and corporate events for companies such as Delta, Porsche, and PWC, I have become specialized in creating seminars and education that target today’s needs and health concerns in the corporate world. Whether virtual or in-person, the tools I teach are proven to have long lasting positive physical and mental effects. A happy employee is a good employee and health is a key to happiness. My unique, fun, and interesting seminars and retreats help each employee find work/life balance and physical and mental well-being. 

Yoga Classes & Retreats

Whether virtual or in person, corporate or personal, I create the perfect yoga experience. Yoga is individual, and through countless modifications, everyone can enjoy their own personal practice no matter their fitness level or abilities. Whether you want to just enjoy or delve deeper into your yoga practice, Yoga with Tovah is for you.  Weekly, monthly, in-depth retreats, online or in person, find the experience that is right for you. Let Yoga with Tovah help you find the physical and mental strength and balance, resilience, fortitude, and better immunity, joy, and peace that you deserve.


Meditation is the leading way to give you a sense of peace, balance, and well-being. Mediation benefits overall health and helps you throughout the day to maintain serenity, a sense of calm, and of clarity. I channel meditations on subjects that vary from breathing to daily motivation. A few minutes of a calming voice will change the rest of your day.

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